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Label: Lil' Beethoven Records
Format: NO. 1 SONG IN HEAVEN (Sparks) & IS THERE MORE TO LIFE THAN DANCING? (Noël) Lil'' Beethoven Records

An exclusive 45th anniversary double vinyl release of Paste Magazine's #1 synth-pop album of all time ‘No. 1 In Heaven' by Sparks, and the Sparks-composed-and-produced lost gem ‘Is There More To Life Than Dancing?' by Noël. Released in 1979, the Giorgio Moroder-produced ‘No. 1 In Heaven' became the blueprint album for all electronic music to come. The same year, Ron and Russell Mael wrote, produced, and recorded the album ‘Is There More To Life Than Dancing?' for LA-based singer Noël. Together these albums showcase the Maels' electronic adventurousness and trailblazing foresight into the next decade. Bands such as Joy Division, Duran Duran, Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure), etc. have cited ‘No. 1 In Heaven' as influential to their own work.

NO. 1 SONG IN HEAVEN (Sparks) 1 Tryouts For The Human Race 0:06:05 2 Academy Award Performance 0:05:00 3 La Dolce Vita 0:05:56 4 Beat The Clock 0:04:23 5 My Other Voice 0:04:54 6 The Number One Song In Heaven 0:07:26 IS THERE MORE TO LIFE THAN DANCING? (Noël) 1 Dancing Is Dangerous 0:09:45 2 Is There More To Life Than Dancing? 0:08:09 3 The Night They Invented Love 0:09:16 4 Au Revoir 0:03:10 5 I Want A Man 0:04:56


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