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Label: Bonsound
Format: Vinyl

20 years ago, DJ Champion (Maxime Morin) became one of the first electronic music artists in Quebec to achieve widespread success. Released in 2004, his debut album Chill 'Em All quickly made a name for itself outside the province for its skilful blend of electronic rhythms and electric guitars, a musical identity that would take him all over the world. The single No Heaven in particular was a huge hit, appearing on the soundtracks of two popular video games of the time, Borderlands and Army of Two. However, DJ Champion's success was not limited to the album; his live shows were just as popular as they were critically acclaimed. Accompanied on stage by four guitarists, a bassist and a singer, Maxime acts as conductor behind his computer, giving rise to energetic shows during which the tracks from Chill 'Em All increase in power. Its impact is still felt today: No Heaven reached number one on the ADISQ English-language chart in November 2022 following a televised performance by the artist. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this landmark album of the 2000's Quebec music scene, Chill 'Em All is getting pressed for the first time ever on Vinyl, available as an exclusive Record Store Day release. A few highlights: +1,5M on Apple Music +7M on Spotify +1M views on Youtube for the single No Heaven Awards & Recognition - Chill ‘Em All Album Félix for Album of the year - Electro or techno music at 2005 ADISQ Nominated for Best Dance Recording (JUNO Awards 2006) No Heaven nominated for Favorite New Song (CASBY Awards 2006) 2007 SOCAN Dance Music prize Félix for Show of the year at 2006 ADISQ

Sergio's Trio No Heaven NnGg The Plow Gore Gore Die in Peace Keep on Tawoumga Tavern Two Hoboes Guy Doune

Champion 🍁-Chill 'Em All

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