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Label: Charly
Format: Recorded live off the board at CBGB (LP) Charly

• New York City Hardcore set considered as an absolute classic of the genre • Long awaited reissue of the original cassette released on Celluloid Records & CBGB's own Off The board label • A Record Store Day April 2024 exclusive • First reissue on vinyl / Newly remastered Charly Records presents RECORDED LIVE OFF THE BOARD AT CBGB BY DAMAGE 80s underground NYC punk at its most visceral & hardcore Ever been chased down the street by a snarling German shepherd? Or come so close to being hit by a car you could taste the metal? Those are overwhelming experiences. So is seeing Damage live. Lots of bands with catchy names, trendy fashions and flashy gimmicks come and go. But Damage works. And it pays off because they overwhelm you with power, speed, electricity, and dynamism. Hardcore? Who cares. Go by how a band sounds and feels. And you won't find a band that sounds or feels like Damage for a long time. – Michael Lerner Recorded in 1986 at CBGB NYC famed venue, the undisputed birthplace of punk music.

SIDE A Blues theme/ Die in fire B.O.G Festering Floodlight Ya Die Ho Beauty Lies Slug-O Bridge and tunnel SIDE B Killing floor Beer can This house VCPIM/ Majority Tyranny Our song Parasite Count me in

Damage-Recorded live off the board at CBGB (LP)

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