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Label: Music On Vinyl
Format: 2LP, LIMITED SILVER & BLACK MARBLED 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, unreleased album, etched side, booklet

Bend Over and Pray the Lord was Lordi's originally first studio album. Bend Over and Pray the Lord was Lordi's originally first studio album. On 25 August 1997, the birthday of KISS' Gene Simmons, Lordi had their first recording session. A long, exciting journey that lasted a year. Unfortunately, the label that was going to release the album dropped out and the band went on to record new material. As a result, the tapes of Bend Over and Pray the Lord sat on the shelves for a very long time. Until 2012, when it was released on CD as part of Lordi's archive series Scarchives. These highly sought-after recordings are being released on vinyl for the very first time, exclusively for Record Store Day 2024. Bend Over and Pray the Lord is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies. Theis 2LP includes an 8-page booklet and contains an etched D-side. Official website: Youtube: * 180 gram audiophile vinyl * Deluxe heavyweight sleeve * Includes 8-page booklet * Contains etch on its D-side * RSD 2024 sticker * Album from 1997 that was recorded, but never published * For the first time available on vinyl * Limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on silver & black marbled vinyl

Side A 1. Playing the Devil 2. Cyberundertaker 3. Streamroller 4. Almost Human Side B 1. Idol 2. Paint in Blood 3. Death Suits You Fine 4. I Am the Leviathan 5. Take Me to Your Leader Side C 1. Monstermotorhellmachine 2. The Dead are the Family 3. White Lightning 4. With Love and Sledgehammer Side D Etch (no music)


Lordi-Bend Over And Pray The Lord

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