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Release Date: 4/20/2024
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Southern Lord
Quantity: 1300

Malfunkshun is an American punk/LOVE-rock/proto-grunge band formed in 1980 by brothers Andrew and Kevin Wood. Combining glam influences with distortion, they were one of the earliest grunge bands, forming alongside the U-Men and Melvins. Their definitive lineup consists of the brothers and drummer Regan Hagar. After interactions with fellow grunge act Green River, Andrew would become the frontman for successor Mother Love Bone. Malfunkshun dissolved without having released much material, although they recorded demos and appeared in the landmark grunge compilation Deep Six. Malfunkshun's demos with Andrew were later compiled and released on cd/digital as Return to Olympus on Loosegroove Records, which was founded by Hagar and fellow Mother Love Bone (currently of Pearl Jam) member Stone Gossard.
Olympus Awaits is a definitive compilation of all Malfunkshun recordings. It includes the above-mentioned Return To Olympus album (here on vinyl for the first time ever), very early demo recordings which feature a more urgent, fast hardcore/punk and songs featured previously on compilations only. This is the ultimate LOVE ROCK archival release of MFUNK!.


Side A
Enter Landrew
My Only Fan
Mr. Liberty (with morals)
Shotgun Wedding
Jezebel Woman
Side B:
I Wanna Be Your Daddy
Winter Bites
Make Sweet Love
Luxurybed (the Rocketship Chair)
Side C
KFA Intro
Satans Lambs
Kill Or Be Killed
She’s Gone
Words Of Love
I Am The Wombat
Side D
Pretty Modern Boyz
Answer to the Prayers
Pictures on the TV Show
Flyin’ Frying”
With Yo’ Heart Not Yo’ Hands
Stars N’ You
If I Was In Charge
Forever On Stage

Malfunkshun Olympus Awaits

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