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plum blossom (revisited) is a collection of songs from mxmtoon's latest EP and a first-ever pressing of all the songs from her first EP, plum blossom. While Maia is only 23, the amount of growth in the five years since plum blossom debuted is unmeasurable. She came out as queer, moved to Brooklyn, and took a year off when her grandmother, a visual artist who has inspired Maia throughout her life and encouraged her music career, died of cancer. In the aftermath of enormous loss, and in the midst of another close family member’s illness, Maia found a sense of wholeness by reimagining the music that made her. “My mom really loves my early music, so in a sense, I did this for her as much as I did it for me,” Maia says. This is the first time plum blossom will ever be released on vinyl, featuring an alternate cover exclusive for Record Store Day 2024.

mxmtoon plum blossom (remix)

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