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Release Date: 4/20/2024
Format: LP
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Quantity: 2000
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

A new collection of mixes from the pioneers of Ambient House, The Orb. Curated and mixed by Alex Paterson and Michael Rendall.
“Baraka” and “Exoplanet Ross 128B” are new recordings by The Orb, making their debut on Holloway Brooch. “Baghdad Batteries (Ambient Mix)” is a new mix of the title track of The Orb’s 2010 album, “Pervitin (Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version)” is taken from the 2020 album “Abolition Of The Royal Familia”. “Plateau (All Hands On Deck Mix 2AM)” is a new edit of a recording that appeared on the 2008 reissue of “Orbus Terrarum.” This is the first time it has been on vinyl. “Prism” is the title track of The Orb’s most recent studio album, released in 2023.
The album title was inspired by the brooch designed by Sylvia Pankhurst, and awarded to members of the Women's Social and Political Union who were incarcerated in London’s Holloway Prison for ‘militant’ suffragette activity. It features new artwork designed by long time Orb collaborator Mike Coles and will be available as a limited-edition release on 140g green vinyl.

1. Baghdad Batteries (Ambient Mix) (05:23)
2. Pervitin (Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version) (04:11)
3. Baraka (07:06)
4. Exoplanet Ross 128B (05:36)
5. Plateau (All Hands On Deck Mix 2AM) (12:08)
6. Prism (09:56)


ORB The Holloway Brooch (An Ambient Excursion Beyond The Orboretum)

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