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Release Date: 4/20/2024
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Liberation Hall
Quantity: 1200
Release type: 'RSD First' Release

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Formed by departing Byrds Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman in 1968, The Flying Burrito Brothers boasted a staggering wealth of musical talent during their first half-decade set of incarnations, including The Eagles’ Bernie Leadon, and pedal steel titan “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow. But by 1972, soon-to-be Firefall founder Rick Roberts needed to recruit virtually a whole band to fulfill tour dates already contracted. Enter bluegrass legend Byron Berline and Roger Bush of Country Gazette, plus others, for a magical date recorded in Amsterdam in 1972.
This double vinyl set had been available in Europe in ‘72/’73 but hadn’t ever been released in the US. Features an entire bluegrass set followed by a country-rock set including their standards “Wild Horses”, “Sin City” and ‘Devil in Disguise”. Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes, rare photos and a family tree.

Side One:
1. Six Days On The Road
2. The Image Of Me
3. Four Days Of Rain
4. My Uncle
5. Budle Poll Rag Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
Side Two:
1. Sing Me Back Home
2. Hands to Dedication-White Line Fever
3. Why Are You Crying
4. Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
5. The Salty Dog Blues
Side Three:
1. Wild Horse
2. She Thinks I Still Care
3. The Wild Side OF Life
4. Rubin’s Train-Foggy Mountain Breakdown
5. Dixie Breakdown
Side Four:
1. Colorado
2. She Makes Me Lose My Blues-Sin City
3. Devil In Disguise
4. Roll Over Beethoven
5. Six Days on The Road

The Flying Burrito Brothers Live In Amsterdam 1972 2 LPs

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