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Label: The Hives
Format: 2xLP

Undisputed icons of rock and roll The Hives serve up a garage-rock masterpiece for this year's Record Store Day, reissuing the undeniable “Lex Hives”. Originally released in 2012, this new and remastered version boasts previously unreleased bonus tracks “High School Shuffle” and “Insane”, alongside all-time classics such as “Come On!”. In addition, this incredibly special package comes with the live album “ A Midsummer Hives Dream”, capturing the band in red-hot form as they tear through an iconic performance at New York's Terminal 5. For the first-time ever, this essential piece of Hives history is available to own on 12-inch.

Disc 1: 1. Come On! / 2. Go Right Ahead / 3. 1000 Answers / 4. I Want More / 5. Wait A Minute / 6. Patrolling Days / 7. Take Back The Toys / 8. Without The Money / 9. These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgics / 10. My Time Is Coming / 11. If I Had A Cent / 12. Midnight Shifter / Disc 2: 1. Come On! / 2. Take Back The Toys / 3. 1000 Answers / 4. Main Offender / 5. Walk Idiot Walk / 6. No Pun Intended / 7. Wait A Minute / 8. Won't Be Long / 9. Hate To Say I Told You So / 10. Go Right Ahead / 11. Die, All Right! / 12. Tick Tick Boom / 13. Patrolling Days

The Hives-Lex Hives and Live From Terminal 5

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