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Label: Earth Libraries
Format: 2xLP Vinyl

Prepare to embark on a nostalgic voyage through the cosmos of your childhood as the mesmerizing soundtrack for the documentary, Butterfly in the Sky, is unveiled. Centered on the cherished television show, Reading Rainbow, this sonic masterpiece is nothing short of a reverie. Brought to life by the innovative sounds of The Octopus Project, every track is a musical journey that intertwines the spirit of knowledge-seeking with whimsical undertones. And as an exceptional treat, The Flaming Lips lend their iconic sound to reimagine the beloved Reading Rainbow theme song, delivering an interpretation that's both fresh and reminiscent of days gone by. But the magic isn't just confined to the music. The soundtrack itself is a work of art, designed with collectors and aficionados in mind. Open the double LP to reveal a breathtaking butterfly gatefold popup, a visual spectacle that captures the essence of flight and imagination. Beneath the needle, the rainbow splatter vinyl evokes memories of afternoons spent chasing rainbows and stories alike. Beyond the vinyl, the intricacy continues. Unveil layers of craftsmanship through thoughtful inserts, precision die-cuts, gleaming foils, and the unique belly belt. Each element has been meticulously curated, creating not just a listening experience, but a tactile and visual odyssey. The Butterfly in the Sky soundtrack is more than just a collection of music; it's a tribute to the power of reading, the magic of discovery, and the timeless appeal of Reading Rainbow. Secure your copy and let your imagination take flight once more.

A1. A Simple Effort of Love A2. Reading Rainbow Theme Song (feat. The Flaming Lips) A3. Twila A4. Green Cravat A5. An Invitation A6. Picture This A7. Bit of A Leap A8. Screen Test B1. Listen to the Swing B2. New Action B3. LeVar B4. Tied to the Tube B5. Hark B6. Theme Beginnings B7. Cecilia Bobo B8. Debbi Dennis C1. I Always Wanted to Be A Teacher C2. Ongaku C3. Bats C4. Books Everywhere C5. See The Book C6. Reading Rocket C7. Kenn Michael C8. But You Don't Have to Take My Word For It C9. Connecting C10. I Changed A Little Bit C11. Tin Forest D1. Grape Look D2. Floating D3. Amazing Grace D4. Readers For Life pt. 1 D5. Readers For Life pt. 2 D6. Small Clap


The Octopus Project-Butterfly in the Sky (RAINBOW SPLATTERED VINYL)

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