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LP, Orange Vinyl, Numbered

Release Date: Apr 20, 2024

Record Store Day Title!

Garage is a sonic snapshot of what happened when boundless musical energy and middle American moxie combined to create a cultural phenomenon. The tracks are drawn from a vast archive of Kay Bank master tapes - some are ultra rarities you’d be hard pressed to snatch from the collectors’ market without mortgaging a kidney. Others are alternate versions and outtakes never before released in any form!

“The joke was, some bands didn’t become garage bands because it was too damn can’t go outside when it’s 25 below zero. So, a lot of people are honing their craft in their basements.” High Spirits guitarist Owen Husney explains.

Knowing more about them is not only unnecessary, it would mar their mystique. They exist forever in a moment of raw rock ‘n’ roll glory that transcends time, a space shared by their Heated Garage brethren.

Looking back on The Pagans’ songs, for example, Kip Sullivan says, “They feel sacred to me.” Recollecting his High Spirits adventures, Owen Husney sighs, “I would go back to those heydays in a minute.” Now he can. And we can all come along.

Jim Allen


Baba Yaga - The Pagans • Gorilla - The Shandells • She Don’t Play Games - The ICC • It’s Alright With Me - The High Spirits • Baby I Need Your Love - The Swingin’ Canadians • Jeanette - Frank Martinez and The Pharomen • It Must Be Love - Little Caesar & The Conspirators • Stop Shakin’ Your Head - The Pagans • Run, Run, Run (unissued alternate) - The Gestures • Don’t You Love Me Baby - The ICC • Palisades Park - The High Spirits • That’s Us - Frank Martinez and The Pharomen • Wine, Wine, Wine - The Nightcaps • That Feelin’ - The Kinetics • I Love You Baby - Lou Riegert & The Troops


Various Artists / Heated Garage: Toasty Treasures From Minnesota's Kay Bank Stud

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