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Format: LP Vinyl

From the use of mojo bags and goofer dust to visiting the Seven Sisters and Aunt Caroline Dye, blues lyrics have long alluded to the mysteries of hoodoo. This collection provides an intriguing insight into hoodoo lore through the words of blues divas Bessie Smith, Memphis Minnie and Victoria Spivey as well as other early blues pioneers.

A1. Memphis Minnie: Hoodoo Lady A2. Hattie Hudson: Doggone My Good Luck Soul A3. Clifford Gibson: Don't Put That Thing On Me A4. Bessie Smith: Red Mountain Blues A5. Memphis Jug Band: Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues A6. Ida Cox: Mojo Hand Blues B1. The Harlem Hamfats: Hoodooin' Woman B2. Merline Johnson: Black Gypsy Blues B3. "Funny Papa" Smith: Seven Sisters Blues - Part 1 B4. Victoria Spivey: Hoodoo Man Blues B5. Jim Towel: I've Been Hoodooed B6. Johnnie Temple: Hoodoo Women B7. Cripple Clarence Lofton: Strut That Thing

Various Artists-The Rough Guide To Hoodoo Blues

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